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What is Gubia-Needle?

Angelica Tapia Aguilar is owner of Blossoms By Angelica Gelatine Artistry and creator of the original gubia-needle.  Her mission is to innovative for people who are passionate for the gelatin artistry world. As an instructor of such art, Gelatine artist Angelica would see how her students would have a hard time making the cuts and finding the cuts to inject in the milk gelatine. Some students would choose to use only an injecting needle, but it was hard still for them to have an agile hand to make the cut in the gelatine. Having this thought in mind, she would create a tool that anyone would be able to use to facilitate their artistic work. In summer 2010, Gelatine artist Angelica created the gubia-needle to release it to the public it autumn of 2011. Since then Angelica has been teaching with this tools she named "Gubia-needles". How did she come out with such name? Many imitators of this tools use the same name, but don't know what it really means. The word "gubia" is an Italian word for chisel which is often use to name the fruit carving tools in the French culinary field. Combined with the word needle makes up what is now called "The gubia-needle". Blossoms By Angelica Gubia-needles have unique designs which Angelica created for faster and beautiful results on creating 3d flowers and other designs. As well miniature designs to work on smaller spaces. Our Gubia-needles are made from stainless steel and materials free of cadmium and lead (poisoning metals for human consumption). Each and one of this gubia-needle pieces are hand crafted by the creator Angelica along with her husband.  From the cutting, shaping, soldering and polishig (all material is safe for food grade utilization). Angelica puts all her passion and vision on her tools because she knows that every pieces will create beautiful art. As she always say "Your gelatine is your blank canvas, so create!".


How to take care of your Blossoms By Angelica gubia-needles:


Our Gubia-needles are sturdy and stable. Will not bend from the needle or will not break apart. We originally solder our Gubia-needles completely from the needle either it's polished or economical version. Either polished or none polished our work is superb and guarantee not to break apart or bend. Our stainless steel tools will not suffer corrosion as it will not oxidized by itself,  but will tend to change tone on the metal which is normal on all metals that is exposed to water. The following is a list of how to take care of your tools to preserve them for a lifetime. 

1. Always boil your tools once you have purchased them. Boil them in a small pot with water enough to cover your tools and add 1-2 table spoons of dish washing soap. Once the water boils let boil for 2 minutes, no more than 2 minutes and remove from heat. Rinse them well with clean water and air dry them on a towel until dry. You can put away on a plastic container or use them right away.  After using them just wash them again with soap. No need to boil unless you desire. Let them air dry on a towel and store them away to prevent from losing them.


2. Don't ever leave your tools on dirty jelly water for days because the lactose acids and food colouring will change the tone of the metal or even turn some parts black. This is a chemical reaction. If you are running late and cannot wash your tools just rinse them and leave them in water with dishwasher soap and you can fully clean them after days without harming your tools.


3. Don't ever let your tools wet on top of metals such as metal boards, baking pans or other corrosion metals. Leaving them on top on this other metals and wet will cause the other metals to affect the stainless steel and will cause rust. This is another chemical reaction but can be clean immediately with soap and water.


4. Always have good hygiene with your gubia-needle since we are involved in food grade applications. Specially when it involves selling your jellies to customers.  Boiling your Gubia-needles will sterilize and kill any bacteria present in your tools. This will prevent food poisoning to you customer from bacteria.


5. Don't ever put you Gubia-needles in direct fire. This will detach the petal piece from the needle. Do not try to solder your Gubia-needles on your own or hand it to someone else to do it for you since it will not be the same results.  This is professionally done by the creator and knows it's own techniques to solder this gubia-needles with the right materials. If you need any repair please contact us as 872-207-5133 from Monday — Friday  9 am—5 pm central time.


For more information contact us at blossomsbyangelica@gmail.com or www.blossomsbyangelica.com or www.facebook.com/blossomsbyangelica