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Welcome to Blossoms By Angelica


   Welcome to our world of artistic jellies! We hope you enjoy our website and get inspiration from our gelatin artist, Angelica Aguilar. Our mission is to make all materials available to the public here in the United States.

    Not only do you count with our product line, Blossoms By Angelica  , but also will be easy for you to create this fabulous and delicious edible art! This website not only has our product line, but also you can see the work of surrealist jellies from our instructor Angelica Aguilar! Subscribe to our newsletter and stay up to date on our news! Now it's time to enter our world of jellies!

What, you eat this?    


 Yes, it is so! These beautiful flowers are made of 100% gelatin! The flowers are encapsulated in a gelatin that is flavored and sweetened. In other words, it's a dessert!

                                                                              "Your gelatin is your blank canvas, so create!..."

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